Tribojet Propulsion System

Cavitating compressor turbine


The goal of Tribojet is to deploy a propulsion system which works in Earth atmospheric conditions, as well as interstellar space applications.

Current development fuels are liquid CO2 and water.

3D printed counter rotating turbo pump and turbine


One example of our development projects was a metal 3D printed counter rotating turbine and turbopump.

CO2 Closed Loop Turbine which can generate power as well as plasma

Closed Loop CO2 Turbine

This is one of our testing platforms to develop a closed loop CO2 turbine and plasma generator. There are many concepts at play, including generating plasma, or just electricity for Earth atmospheric applications, like drones or aircraft.

TriboJet Operation Flowchart

TriboJet Module Legend

General flowchart of the Tribojet turbine and modules which are connected by magnetic drive.

Heat required: greater than 304.13K, 31C, or 88F.

Tribojet Module Legend (pdf)

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